plusSound is pleased to give customers the opportunity to purchase truly unique custom wires, as used in our newest lineup of custom audio cables for in-ear monitors (IEMs), headphones, and interconnects!

These wires were made in collaboration with the people who created “UP-OCC” wires. After months of research and development, we came up with the right gauge, strands, and materials for building the best cable possible for use at home, traveling, and even using on stage to perform.

These custom wires was created to be more flexible, lighter, durable, and easier to work with - everything you could want in a wire while retaining the same high sound quality you get from even larger gauge wires. These custom wires are only exclusively sold at plusSound.

Pricing: These custom wires are sold well below market value for customers to purchase. Each quantity equals one feet of single wire, so be sure to change quantity to the amount desired. Wires will be sent in one continuous length. If you are looking to purchase a spool (330 Feet or 100M), contact us for availability and pricing.

Processing: Please allow 1 to 5 business days for us to process order. We take our time with each one to make sure we make no mistakes and that there will be no problems when you receive them. If we have a shortage in supplies or if any issues arise, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Shipping: All orders are shipped via United States Post Office (USPS). Shipping rate is only paid ONCE, regardless of the number of items purchased. If you place separate order(s) before the first order has been completed, we will refund the shipping cost of the new order(s) and combine/ship together upon request. Here are the following services we offer to ship your order. You can able to select the preferred choice right before you make payment. In case you do not see it, contact us after placing your order and we can take care of it.

First-Class Mail (Delivery within 1 week with FULL tracking (USA), 3-5 weeks with NO tracking (Everywhere Else))
USA: $5, Canada and Everywhere Else: $10

Priority Mail (Delivery within 2-3 business days with FULL tracking (USA), 2 weeks with NO tracking (Canada and Everywhere Else))
USA: $8, Canada: $25, Everywhere Else: $35

Express Mail (Delivery within next business day with FULL tracking (USA), 1 week with FULL tracking (Canada and Everywhere Else))
USA: $25, Canada: $40 [Recommended], Everywhere Else: $60 [Recommended]

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24AWG Copper Type 6 Litz Custom Wire
24AWG Copper Type 6 Litz Custom Wire
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Description: 99.99999% (7N) Pure; 7 Core; Cryogenically Treated; OD: 1.8mm; New transparent clear PE insulation

This custom wire is the industry’s first 24AWG 7N (99.99999%) pure copper type 6 litz, made in collaboration with those who created “UP-OCC” wires. It features 6 enamel-coated groups inside containing over 100 strands in total for not only decreasing electrical anomalies (i.e. skin and proximity effect) but prevents oxidation to maintain same appearance after very long use, increases durability greatly, and sound quality improvements through its configuration. A fiber material is added at the core (7 core), to retain round shape while staying on the surface of the conductor, reducing mechanical vibration in the process. Utilizing PE insulation for flexibility and durability and wires are cryogenically treated for long lasting, enhanced sound quality. It transmits electric signals faster with less distortion and low electrical resistance. In addition to having the lowest impurities and molecular injunctions, these advantages makes it one of the purest and most advanced wires for audio.

Balanced, neutral sound with more emphasis on bass.

Limited Quantity Available
$ 5.00
$ 4.50

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