Special Offer

FREE Exo custom cable included with any of the following Audeze headphones:
LCD-2, LCD-3, LCD-4, LCD-4z, LCD,X, LCD-XC, LCDi4, LCD-MX4

*Cable features Copper Type 6 Litz wires, the most advanced wire available on the market to take Audeze to the next level. All headphones will sound more open and transparent.
*Wires and connectors are cryogenically treated for optimal durability and maintaining long lasting high quality sound.
*4 feet in overall length - perfect for travel and home use.
*Better ergonomics and no microphonics over standard cables.
* Your choice of termination. Select one of five - 3.5mm for portable devices, 6.3mm for desktop amplifiers, 2.5mm TRRS for Astell&Kern devices, 3.5mm TRRS for HiFiMan DAPs, 4.4mm TRRRS for Sony DAPs, RSA/ALO for balanced portable amplifiers, or 4-pin XLR for balanced desktop amplifiers.
* Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, USA.

PLUSSOUND is an authorized dealer of Audeze

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Audeze is a high-end audio headphone manufacturer delivering the most accurate sound reproduction available today. The headphones are engineered with the latest innovations in materials science that produce an astonishingly dynamic enveloping sound with powerful bass, an attractive, inviting midrange and open extended highs. They achieve these results with a team including a diverse set of entrepreneurs and engineers with years of experience in the field. All headphones are hand-crafted in California, USA.