<i>TWS-A:<br>Custom Bluetooth Adapters Designed For IEMs </i>
<i>TWS-A:<br>Custom Bluetooth Adapters Designed For IEMs </i>

Custom Bluetooth Adapters Designed For IEMs

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Last updated on Dec 19

TWS-A Features

True Wireless Experience

Short length adapters using the new TWS modules is the ultimate solution to making your favorite IEMs wireless with as little cable as possible. Perfect to use anywhere and very discreet.

Made for any IEM

The new TWS module was designed specifically for IEM use. Even the most sensitive and lowest impedance IEM will be able to use these!

Sweat Resistant

TWS adapters feature angled rubber covers preventing sweat or water from easily getting inside components. Perfect to use while outdoors or working out.

Long(er) Battery Life

TWS module features a new low-power chipset that will allow higher res codecs to be used with as little power as possible. This will allow you to enjoy high quality music longer.

No Charging Case Needed

You do not have to deal with a charge case in order to charge your adapters. Easily charge these adapters on your computer, wall outlet, or battery bank with one of the included cables. Use the longer cable to keep using them while it is charging!

Built-In EQ Presets

New to TWS modules is the ability to change EQ settings directly via button command on either side. Choose from 7 different presets. No app required.

Complete Codec Support

TWS modules support all TWS codecs, including SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL, and aptX-HD.

Various Button Commands

Physical buttons on both sides allow for more features and commands, including sound preset selection, remove pairing list, and voice command.

Pairing Options

You can choose to pair adapters either binaural (master/slave) or monaural (individually) via button command. You can even choose to pair one side to one source and the other side to a completely different source if needed.


Not only can you charge via computer, you can connect to it and listen to your music and videos. Supports up to 24 bit / 96kHz and no software or firmware necessary.

Hybrid Functionality

Our custom adapters can connect up to three sources (master/slave) or up to five sources (monaural) at the same time - two sources via bluetooth, one via computer/source. Play audio from one source and it automatically switches to another without hassle.

BT Version 5

TWS is using the latest bluetooth technology that improves power, range, connectivity, and reliability.

USB Type C Port

We've added the latest USB for faster charging. You'll be able to use the module at the same time, whether it is USB DAC or Bluetooth.

Built-In Microphone

All new omnidirectional microphone is used in TWS modules. Users on the other end will be able to hear you more clearly. This includes voice commands via Siri, etc.

Balanced Configuration

Just like 2.5mm and 4.4mm wired terminated cables, our custom TWS are balanced for better quality sound and performance.

Improved BT Performance

Adapters have a much shorter signal path compared to BT cables, resulting in improvements in connectivity and performance.

UP-OCC Wiring

All custom bluetooth cables feature our award-winning, high quality signature UP-OCC wires using Type 6 litz design with special dampening cores for premium performance and our proprietary PS insulation that is durable, flexible, and soft.

In-House Designed Connectors

Our PS designed connectors features high quality gold plated copper based contacts with thick anodized aluminum enclosure to ensure the best quality product possible. We offer support for nearly all IEM connectors on the market, including 2-pin, MMCX, A2DC, IPX/T2, JH 4-pin, and many others.

Firmware & Hardware Upgrades

In the future, users will be able to download the latest firmware to improve and add new features to their module.

If we release a newer module, users will be able to send in their cable to upgrade, making our TWS adapter futureproof and last for many years.

Premium Packaging

All orders come with the following: Microfiber cloth, leather cable pouch, Sticker, Digital Start Guide, and two complimentary Dual Type C to Type A cables.

Handcrafted in the USA

Design and assembly are performed in-house in Los Angeles, California, USA.