<i>TWS-A:<br>Custom Bluetooth Adapters Designed For IEMs </i>
<i>TWS-A:<br>Custom Bluetooth Adapters Designed For IEMs </i>

Custom Bluetooth Adapters Designed For IEMs

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These short length adapters with the new TWS modules is the ultimate solution to making your favorite IEMs wireless with as little cable as possible. Perfect to use anywhere and very discreet. Simply attach adapters onto each IEM and choose to pair both together (binaural) or individually (monaural).


TWS adapters use an all-new low-power chipset that allows higher res codecs to be used with as little power as possible. This will allow you to enjoy high quality music for approx. 6 hours or longer. Supported codecs include SBC, ACC, aptX, aptX-LL, and aptX-HD.


No charging case needed. Each adapter comes with a dedicated Type C charge port. Connect and charge on any source, including phone, computer, outlet, or battery bank. The included long charger cable will even allow you the ability to keep listening to music while it is charging! Supports up to 24/96 DAC for improved sound quality. No software or firmware required.


All TWS adapters feature our award-winning, high quality signature UP-OCC wires using Type 6 litz design with special dampening cores for premium performance and our proprietary PS insulation that is durable, flexible, and soft.

To match the performance of wired cables, we've designed the adapters to be balanced configured to optimize sound quality.

PS connectors are in-house designed featuring premium quality gold plated copper based contacts with thick anodized aluminum enclosure to ensure the best connection possible between cable and IEM.

Our TWS adapters offers hybrid connectivity by allowing you to connect either wireless or wired. Each adapter can even work independently if needed for pairing flexibility.

Adapters in general have a much shorter signal path compared to BT cables resulting in improvements in connectivity and performance.


TWS adapters offer the ability to change EQ settings directly from your cable. Choose from 7 different presets. No software required.

All new omnidirectional microphone is added in TWS modules. Users on the other end of the call will be able to hear you more clearly. This includes voice commands as well.

Physical buttons allow for more features and commands without use of an app. Includes selecting EQ presets, removing pairing list, and voice command.


Unique feature for TWS adapters are the angled rubber covers preventing sweat and water from easily getting inside components making these ideal to use when working out or on the go.

All TWS cables are designed and hand assembled at our HQ location in Los Angeles, California, USA.


Custom TWS Adapters
Leather Cable Pouch
Microfiber Cloth
Dual Type C to Type A Charge Cables (S,L)
Digital Start Guide
One Year Warranty


Modules / Hybrid BT + USB DAC
Bluetooth Version / 5
Codecs / SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL, aptX-HD
Battery Type / Lithium-ion Polymer
Battery Life / Approx. 6 hours+
Charge Time / Approx. 1.5 hours (0-100)
Charge Port / USB Type C
Distance / Up to 10m
Microphone / Built-In Omnidirectional
Pairing / Monoaural, Binaural
Output Configuration / Balanced
Output Impedence / < 1 ohm
Bit Rate / Up to 24-bit
Sample Rate / Up to 96kHz
OS Support / iOS, Android, OSX, Windows
Wires / UP-OCC
Connectors / Various