<i>DIY Components</i>
<i>DIY Components</i>

DIY Components

Estimated processing time for DIY orders
1-3 days
Last updated on Jul 19

High conductive connectors

High quality gold plated and rhodium plated copper based metal that offers maximum reliability and conductivity while preventing corrosion.

Anodized Aluminum Enclosure

Thick anodized aluminum components keep cable lightweight and sleek looking.

Signature Screw Design

Our connector design prevents the enclosure and connector from coming apart compared to threaded and other mechanisms.

Ease of Assembly

Spacial dimensions allows components to work for a variety of cables.

Heat Resistant Insulation

Connectors/plugs features strong insulation material for worry-free soldering.

Designed in the USA

Our DIY connectors were exclusively designed in Los Angeles, California, USA.